Harwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. What to do when your once beautiful floors are now full of dents, scratches and discoloration? It may be time to sand and refinish those old floors to make them look new again. Most hardwood can be sanded down to remove any blemishes from the floor. This can be done several times over the years. A filler is used to fill any dents and a new finish is then applied. This is a great time to update the color of your floor to keep up with the latest trends. Sanding and refinishing restores the beauty to your floors and protects this valuable investment of your hardwood. This process is usually a faster, less disruptive and most importantly a more cost effective process than replacing your flooring completely!

Most people are surprised to know that a good quality engineered floor can be sanded and refinished just like a solid hardwood. This process is recommended if the existing engineered floor is glued down. The same process is used and beautiful fresh looking floors are the result.